Beauty Pressure commercial by Dove – young girls’ self images / self-esteem

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This ‘Dove Film’ is meant to show the pressures on young girls/women to fit that thin, big breasted, hot stereotype.  Everywhere you look, you see these images and it definitely has an affect on our youth.

This video is excellent in many respects.  The content, images, and clips are right on. The music and sound effects are great. The transitions and timing are excellent. They made me uncomfortable but not uncomfortable-enough to stop watching. The first time I watched the video, I remembered the goal and the organization.  Well done.

Kudos to all involved in this film…

Thank you to The Dove Self-Esteem Fund but we need this in the United States also!

  1. This is absolutely on the mark. ONSLAUGHT is the perfect word to describe what a girl faces in our society when it comes to her body image and self worth.

  2. Poor image amongst girls is all too common. Our friend’s kid is just one of many kids around here with eating disorders.

  3. Superb piece. Very powerful. Short but makes the point really well.

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