Here’s to Stains, by Dr. Seuss? No.

In commercials, flash, Uncategorized, Videos, viral videos on December 20, 2009 at 6:35 pm

Phil Geye came up with clean, simple, and entertaining commercial for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

“Here’s to Stains” sounds like a commercial made by Dr. Seuss.  It tells a story. Rhymes. Entertains.

Phil opens the video with an attractive woman holding a glass of red wine.  He visually shows many items that cause difficult stains. He  tells the story of Stains in a poem and let’s us know that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will handle these stains.

Why are we celebrating these stains?  Because if you ‘live’, stains will naturally occur.  But now we have Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  [ Note to parents:  Life lesson. Don’t be so quick to yell at the kids for stains!]

This is an excellent video that gets across the the benefits of the product, is entertaining, and tells a nice story.


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