Great idea for a Heinz video commercial – well most of it

In commercials, Uncategorized, Videos, viral videos on December 30, 2009 at 4:01 pm

This was a video creator’s submission to a Heinz contest. This video was banned for “reasons”.

Overall the video is a brilliant concept.

Heinz has been with us for years… through childhood, school, and now. The concept of inserting the Heinz product into historical or semi-historical events is fantastic. (It did have a Forest Gump feel to it.)

The family dinner, the astronaut on the moon,   etc… were great scenes, warm and fuzzy, and were good for the brand.

I imagine the scenes with the African Americans getting hosed, Hitler in Paris, starving children, massacres, etc… were probably great to get views with shock value, but were incompatible with the brand. It seems obvious that Heinz would not approve those scenes.

The producer did create an excellent concept and video. If he/she really wanted to win the contest, additional positive scenes such as JFK at his inauguration, many World Series celebrations, the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team winning the Gold Medal, etc… could have won the him/her the contest.

On the other hand, the producer does remind us of the good and bad times that we go through…

Heinz video commercial banned

Click to watch banned Heinz video

  1. Hitler is not something to kid around about. Whoever made this video is a little whacked.

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