Jacksonville University – Mens Lacrosse Recruiting Video

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Coach Matt Kerwick and the Jacksonville University are building a new Men’s Lacrosse Program.
They (with eLacrosse?) created a recruiting video. This is a great idea to include in the recruiting process.

Without knowing the NCAA recruiting rules, here are a few comments….

  • The video emphasizes attending a warm weather school near the beach.  That’s important but not the end-all of attending the school.  There’s too much focus on it in the video.
  • The big-time schedule should have been more emphasized and Coach Kerwick should have mentioned “… playing the likes of UNC, Duke, and Hofstra…”. (The schedule on the screen was helpful.)
  • Since it is a new program, is there is a better opportunity for playing time as a freshman?
  • Since it is a new program, are there more openings for quality players?  We may be able to have you and  a high school teammate both join the program. (?) (If they are both quality players.)
  • There needs to be emphasis on your goal of recruiting good players with strong character.  They will be playing top lacrosse and facing many challenges of developing a new program.  When they come  to JU they will be creating a legacy.  They won’t be just a good lacrosse player “passing through” a program.
  • Let some of the current JU players speak.  Endorsements and opinions of players matter.
  • Please remember — these are 18-year-old boys who are being recruited.  It wouldn’t hurt to subtly show some good-looking girls as “ball girls”.
Jacksonville University Lacrosse

Click to see JU recruiting video


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