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Video commercial for 100 Grand Candy Bar

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The talent to produce and director video commercials is out there. And it’s abundant.

This video was shot in one day for a budget of less than $150 by student film director Andrew Mitchell (co-produced, edited, directed with Jenna Spesard.) It was created for a contest.

The video is upbeat and quick, with great music.  The music reminded me of the song Eminence Front (Peter Townsend, The Who). The video had a feel of an old Peter Gabriel “Sledge Hammer” music video.  (Perhaps this is because the guy is always being centered in the video with everything else changing around him?)

The product is always in view.  The scenes change rapidly in his fast-paced life and he always has a 100 Grand Bar with him.  Good message.

I like this commercial. Is it fantastic and exciting to the point where it would go viral? Absolutely not.  But it is really good and “entertainingly to-point”.

Nestle should have purchased this video, purchased an inventory of Google AdWords, and let it run online.

great commercial for100 Grand candy bar

click to watch video

Director Andrew Mitchell

Co–produced, edited and directed with Jenna Spesard

Video was created for a competition.


Here’s to Stains, by Dr. Seuss? No.

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Phil Geye came up with clean, simple, and entertaining commercial for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

“Here’s to Stains” sounds like a commercial made by Dr. Seuss.  It tells a story. Rhymes. Entertains.

Phil opens the video with an attractive woman holding a glass of red wine.  He visually shows many items that cause difficult stains. He  tells the story of Stains in a poem and let’s us know that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will handle these stains.

Why are we celebrating these stains?  Because if you ‘live’, stains will naturally occur.  But now we have Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  [ Note to parents:  Life lesson. Don’t be so quick to yell at the kids for stains!]

This is an excellent video that gets across the the benefits of the product, is entertaining, and tells a nice story.

You can’t buy this – Becky Quick of CNBC’s Squawk Box complains about AT&T

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Shout out to Verizon: If you can get this video to go viral, legally that is, it would be unbelievable.

Becky Quick, Warren Buffett’s favorite gal, a well respected woman, complained about her AT&T wireless service on  Squawk Box this morning.  She seemed to have gotten emotional and went into how her signal always drops on her BlackBerry. Anyone who was listening would definitely think twice before subscribing to AT& T.

You could not buy this type of advertising or product placement!

If Verizon can find a way to use this video…

Click on the picture below and fast forward the video to the 3:00 point if you want to hear Becky Quick’s RANT about AT&T.

Becky Quick CNBC Complains about AT&T

Click for video - Becky Quick CNBC Complains about AT&T

Evian – Roller Babies goes viral

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The Evian Roller Babies video is great. It captures your attention. It is very entertaining. The music is appropriate but probably works better for people ages 35 and over.  Not sure how much product it sells but being online, I would imagine most people will replay it a few times.  (I watched it 3 times.  I believe I had seen it on tv once.)  Not surprised at all this went viral.

Viral video - Evian - Roller Babies

Drinking With Bob – building a brand and being rewarded

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Drinking With Bob is interesting example of building an online brand that is “real” and not afraid to take a stand.


Bob Thompson a.k.a. Drinking With Bob is a comic and TV personality from New York City. Based in Queens, Bob performs his comedy routines, rants and original music in clubs and bars throughout much of the Metropolitan area. He also produces, writes and stars in his own TV show called ‘Drinking With Bob’ on Queens Public Access. The show has been airing for 7 years and has gained a legion of loyal and devoted cult fans who tune in each week to experience the RANTS , see the comic sketches and hear music.

I enjoy Bob’s videos. I don’t always agree with them, but I do, through the screaming and yelling,  listen to what he is saying. Consistency. Bob is Bob.

Through the years he has shown to be sincere and real.  He has build his brand and leveraged it into a gig on WAC Radio in NY.

Congratulations Bob.  Stay real.

MasterCard – Priceless – Great example – Give him a blow…

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This is a fantastic example of an online video commercial that went viral.  MasterCard and their agency are brilliant.  They took a great broadcast concept and successfully went edgy. Kudos to all involved.

Where the Hell is Matt — Stride Gum

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I had not heard of Stride Gum before this video.  I guess it was money well spent. Definitely outside the box at the time. Watch.

viral video commercial

Subservient Chicken – Burger King – Viral

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Burger King is / was ahead of its time.  The Subservient Chicken. I am not sure if you can ever measure whether it was productive for Burger King… but it sure was viral and fun!