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Everyone loves spaghetti

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Every once in a while I will stumble upon a video that would be the a great foundation for a commercial video (or an entire campaign.)

Viral commercial spaghetti Joeys Pasta

Everyone loves spaghetti.  Everyone loves pets. Let’s put it together.

Take a watch of this video. Take 3 “watches” of the video.  It’s simple. Entertaining.  The sound of the dog chomping the spaghetti is great.  The spaghetti is the center of the attention.  There’s something special and real about the video. With a little editing, adding a brand image/message at the end, and  the proper viral seeding, this could be an awsome campaign.

Funny video commercial dog eating spaghetti viral

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Video commercial for 100 Grand Candy Bar

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The talent to produce and director video commercials is out there. And it’s abundant.

This video was shot in one day for a budget of less than $150 by student film director Andrew Mitchell (co-produced, edited, directed with Jenna Spesard.) It was created for a contest.

The video is upbeat and quick, with great music.  The music reminded me of the song Eminence Front (Peter Townsend, The Who). The video had a feel of an old Peter Gabriel “Sledge Hammer” music video.  (Perhaps this is because the guy is always being centered in the video with everything else changing around him?)

The product is always in view.  The scenes change rapidly in his fast-paced life and he always has a 100 Grand Bar with him.  Good message.

I like this commercial. Is it fantastic and exciting to the point where it would go viral? Absolutely not.  But it is really good and “entertainingly to-point”.

Nestle should have purchased this video, purchased an inventory of Google AdWords, and let it run online.

great commercial for100 Grand candy bar

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Director Andrew Mitchell

Co–produced, edited and directed with Jenna Spesard

Video was created for a competition.

Oreo – Coming Home Moment

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The Oreo – Coming Home Moment is a touching and effective use of video.

The message is clear and the video is entertaining.  Like good commercials, the product, the Oreo, is in center stage.  The military personnel make it timely. The end of the commercial emphasizes the brand and our love of the brand.

I really enjoyed the commercial. The emotional interaction reminded me of that 30 year old Coca Cola commercial  with Mean Joe Green of the NFL’s Pittburgh Steelers.

And a 30 year old Coca Cola commercial…

Here’s to Stains, by Dr. Seuss? No.

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Phil Geye came up with clean, simple, and entertaining commercial for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

“Here’s to Stains” sounds like a commercial made by Dr. Seuss.  It tells a story. Rhymes. Entertains.

Phil opens the video with an attractive woman holding a glass of red wine.  He visually shows many items that cause difficult stains. He  tells the story of Stains in a poem and let’s us know that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will handle these stains.

Why are we celebrating these stains?  Because if you ‘live’, stains will naturally occur.  But now we have Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  [ Note to parents:  Life lesson. Don’t be so quick to yell at the kids for stains!]

This is an excellent video that gets across the the benefits of the product, is entertaining, and tells a nice story.