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Just for fun… A Surprise Text Mob

In social media, Uncategorized on March 22, 2014 at 10:23 am

My beautiful bride Lara warned me against having another surprise birthday party for her.  I wanted to do “something” and decided to have a “Surprise Text Mob” for her.  Here’s the email that went out to friends, family, and co-workers…

* Don’t tell Lara! *
And for those of you over age 45 with bad eye sight…
(Don’t you hate it when people type in caps?!)

So Lara already warned me, for her birthday, I should not throw her a surprise “get together”. Knowing that I am the “King of this Castle”, I decided, we will not have a surprise “get together”… but we can still have a little fun and surprise the birthday girl.

At first I thought we could surprise her with a Flash Mob birthday dance… We’ll get Nicole to choreograph a dance, we’ll burst into the house, blast some music, and surprise her with a dance… but that won’t work… when and where would we practice… and frankly,… I have seen you all dance at affairs… and except for Nicole, Emily, my nieces, and Wally,.. you all stink.

So what can we do to show Lara we love her and care it’s her birthday? [Pause 10 seconds and queue the Jeopardy music here.]

Got it! We can have a Text Mob! We can bombard her with Happy Birthday Texts all at the same time.

Lara’s birthday is March XXth.

Please text birthday wishes to her on
March XXth 2014 at 10:00 AM ET
(Please be prompt. She has xxxxx that morning.)

Hopefully, if you are doing your jobs correctly, she will receive rapid-fire text messages and be overcome with joy… well.. umm …more realistically.. hopefully she will be happy and feel a little bit of love. 😉

I will send a reminder to you on that day.

Thank you!


PS. If you do not have her cell number, and you would like to participate, please email me.

On her birthday, I sent an email and text message to the participants.  Lara started receiving text messages. For about 45 minutes, she couldn’t use her phone because there were so many messages coming in.   

Judging by the comments I had received, it seemed like the participants had fun.  Lara was “excited” (that’s not the word) to received so many texts and, in a couple of instances, reconnect with old friends.

Statistically, she received approximately 1.7 texts for each email sent to the participants. (It was not a huge audience to start with, but it was interesting to see who passed it around.)

Fun. Yes.      A work of genius. No.    Applicable to business… you never know.